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Chapter by chapter:

9 - Bronca is a badass, but points to Veneza for pointing out the need to make copies of the footage security cameras before giving it to the police. And the Better New York Foundation sure gets around…

10 - Loved the conversation between Kendra & Aislyn. The sexual assault by Conall is gross but tracks to the real-world sexual politics of the alt-right. Had to look up some of the symbols and getting some ugly spam despite my best attempts to block cookies and shield my online identity.

11 - OK, so much makes sense now. Until the last few paragraphs. Cities don’t consume their neighborhoods- London still has Kensington and Battersea and Notting Hill and Hampstead.

12 - Would’ve been interesting to make Aislyn’s father aware of the Conall incident and have to take a side, but I guess willful ignorance is a thing. And I agree with Lani & Joanna that the car ride chat between Aislyn & the Woman in White didn’t explain much. Maybe it wasn’t supposed to?

I’m also fascinated by Jemisin’s choices of cities. What are the other cities? Why São Paulo instead of Rio or Buenos Aires? Including Hong Kong as a city is interesting given the threat to the city’s identity in the past few years. There has been suppression of democratic freedoms and persecution of political activists including the removal of a memorial to the victims of the Tiananmen Square massacre. What happens in Jemisin’s world if a city ceases to exist as a distinct entity?

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I struggled with a favourite part in this reading. I thought Brooklyn’s house being stolen would be more prominent. I can see a bigger conflict building between Staten Island and the other boroughs, along the lines of Bronca, but this time I think SI’s problems with people who don’t look like her (and the woman in white who does) will make a reconciliation harder.And the columns appearing, is this another universe breaking through? Don’t really know what’s going on but hoping the end helps me get a better grasp of things.

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