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My favourite parts are Bronca and the Interruptions with São Paulo.

I like Bronca, she’s strong and fully formed. I agree with Lani, I know Bronca, I have definitely met her. Bronca’s encounters with the woman in white and strawberry man bun definitely ratchet up the menace level for me. But what is the women in white after here? Why threaten when you previously destroyed a bridge?

The interruptions with São Paulo I found were calm and reminded me of a private detective on the case putting things together while also having seen it all before. I really enjoy the changes in writing style, Jemisin Is truly masterful.

I also feel like I’m not getting something or I’m missing something, is it the New York references? I’m not sure.

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Hi everyone

Sorry to be late to the party - worked a ton last week so just getting caught up.

Probably unpopular opinions here:

This book is outside of my normal reading patterns and it’s taken a bit to get into it. A lot of the sci-fi references are lost on me. And as Lani noted, maybe I don’t know NYC well enough to understand some of the metaphors for the boroughs?

Jeminsin’s word craft is amazing but the themes feel a little too on-the-nose.

And while I appreciate the diversity, I try to be very careful about whose stories I tell and how I portray people with different experiences. keep waiting for her to step in it regarding stereotypes for at least one of the cast of characters.

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